Avocado Oil

What is Avocado Oil?

Avocado oil is rich in vitamins and fatty acids, making it a popular ingredient in a wide array of personal care products.

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Avocado Oil Distributor & Supplier Information

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Avocado Oil Applications (Uses & Benefits)

Avocado oil, with its emollient properties, helps soften and moisturize the skin. It is often found in body butters, facial serums, and lip balms.
Avocado oil is often used as a carrier oil for medications as well as a base for topical ointments and creams. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it useful for treating minor skin irritations.
Nutritional Supplements
Rich in monounsaturated fats, avocado oil is often used as a cooking oil or as an ingredient in salad dressings. It can be taken as a dietary supplement in capsule form for the benefits of antioxidants like Vitamin E.
Avocado oil can be used as a natural alternative in DIY cleaning recipes. Its lubricating properties help to loosen dirt and grime. Although avocado oil is not as popular in cleaning like other oils such as coconut or olive due to its higher cost, it can still be used in cleaning wood and leather surfaces.
Personal Care
Avocado oil is rich in various vitamins such as A, D, and E, along with fatty acids. It is commonly found in creams, lotions, and moisturizers. It has the ability to penetrate the skin to nourish and hydrate. It can also be used in hair care products for its moisturizing and strengthening properties.

About American International Ingredients - An Avocado Oil Supplier

American International Ingredients, Inc. is a leading avocado oil supplier with an additional full service portfolio of over 400 personal care and cosmetic ingredients. We offer one of the most extensive lines of oils distributed to manufacturers and processors in the cosmetic, makeup, personal care, nutritional supplement, and household & commercial cleaning sectors. With a strategic nationwide warehouse network and our reliable just-in-time deliveries, we can supply your business with high quality oils at competitive prices.