What is Erythritol?

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that is commonly used for its texture enhancement, moisture retention, stability, and sweetness.

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Erythritol Distributor & Supplier Information

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Erythritol Applications (Uses & Benefits)

Nutritional Supplements
Erythritol is widely used as a low-calorie sweetener in meal replacement shakes, nutritional supplements, and protein powders. It provides sweetness without adding significant calories or impacting blood sugar levels.
Personal Care Products
Erythritol is commonly used in skincare products like creams and lotions for its ability to retain moisture in the skin. With its non-sticky texture, it is appealing for formulations where a light, non-greasy feel is desired.
When a sweet taste or bulking agent is required, erythritol’s inert nature and low caloric content makes it suitable for pharmaceutical formations such as chewable tablets, lozenges, or orally disintegrating tablets.
Cleaning Products
Erythritol’s mild, non-corrosive nature makes it suitable for situations where a gentle cleaning solution is needed.
Erythritol acts as a binder and humectant, which helps retain moisture in various skincare and makeup products.

About American International Ingredients - An Erythritol Supplier

American International Ingredients, Inc. is a leading erythritol supplier with an additional full service portfolio of over 400 personal care and cosmetic ingredients. We offer one of the most extensive lines of sweeteners distributed to manufacturers and processors in the cosmetic, makeup, personal care, nutritional supplement, and household & commercial cleaning sectors. With a strategic nationwide warehouse network and our reliable just-in-time deliveries, we can supply your business with high quality sweeteners at competitive prices.